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  • Sunil Prajapati

       History is not created in a day. It’s been just half a decade that Bagiswori College has been established, it has become a choice of number of students. Providing quality education at an affordabel fee is our prime objective and we believe in our endeavour. However, it would not have been possible without the consolidated efforts of competent administration, dedicated teachers, supportive parents and disciplined students. We hope to continue this relation in future as well.

        Education, at present, is considered business rather than a service. Education is not the privilege of high class people only but is the right of every citizen. Poor educational policy of government is depriving working class people from getting higher education. We here, at Bagiswori College, provide equal opportunities with excellence to all at reasonable fees.

     We are proud that the college established with limited resources has been upgrading its facilities and resources on its own and further anticipates advancing itself in near future without any external aid. Today a large number of colleges with foreign names are mushrooming and they are motivating students to work in foreign land rather than in their own country. At this scenario, the college is raising its voice to produce skilled man power needed for overall development of nation.
          We feel an immense pleasure to be a part of centre of excellent programme started in the cultural city Bhaktapur a decade ago and vow to achieve the goal of "One Family One Bachelor". We believe that the college is contributing its best for the success of the programme.  
     At last, I look forward to receiveing the same support from all concerned for overall progress of the college.